Engineered for safety

Engineered for safety, the Triton is packed with safety features designed to keep you and other road users safe and sound.

Safety Features

Built with industry-leading safety technology, the Triton keeps you safe while you go beast mode.

Rear View Camera

Reversing is a breeze with the Triton's rear-view camera, ensuring you have full visibility when you back out of narrow spaces.

*Available on the Triton GLS

Keyless Operation System

An impact-absorbing structure in the front-end helps minimize injuries for a pedestrain in the event of a collision

*Available on the Triton GLS.

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

This technology makes it easier to start off up steep city streets by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards. It maintains the braking force for two seconds, giving you time to move your foot from the brake to the accelerator.

*Available on the Triton GLS

Automatic Stability & Traction Control

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The Triton is fitted with Active Stability and Traction Control which allows you to maintain traction on slippery surfaces and when cornering by recognising under-or-over-steer. When sensing a loss of traction, this technology applies braking force to that wheel and sends extra power and torque to other wheels that have traction to keep you moving and in control.

*Available on the Triton GLS


Mitsubishi's Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body utilises crumple zones that absorb energy during high-impact collisions. Reinforcements at key body points complements its side-impact door beams, giving your Triton a stable, secure base.

*Available on the Triton GLS

Anti-lock Braking System with EBD

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps prevent wheel lock and maintains steering control, while the EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) distributes braking force evenly to all the wheels, regardless of passenger number, luggage load or road conditions.

*Available on the Triton GLS

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