A fuel-efficient powerhouse

The ASX bridges the gap between conventional passenger cars and rugged off-roaders. Now upgraded and refined for improved drive performance, with its powerful 2.0L engine, the ASX is quieter, smoother, and now offers better on-road performance.

The ASX has a ground clearance of 205mm and is designed with advanced engineering and technology to minimize noise and vibration, ensuring a quiet and smooth driving experience. Through careful insulation and sound-deadening material, the ASX effectively redices external noise from entering the cabin, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil ride. Additionally, the vehicle's suspension system and aerodynamic design contributy to reducing vibrations, enhancing overall comfort and refinement for both the driver and passengers.

Reduced noise and vibration


ASX is not just a vehicle engineered for grand adventures but designed to conquer your concrete jungle too. Enjoy the performance of the 2.0L MIVEC Aluminium Powerplant Engine in any driving situation. A vehicle that sticks around for the long haul with a 63-litre tank capacity you can drive up to 800km on a full tank.

With the agility of a smaller vehicle

The ASX's small dimensions give it a friendly turning circle of 5.3 meters, perfect for any city street.

MiTec on the ASX

Mitsubishi Motors Intuitive Technology, or MiTEC, combines a range of innovative technologies into one integrated system that works constantly to keep you safe, comfortable and entertained every time you drive. Passive and active safety systems work in unison, alerting, guiding and reacting to help keep you and your passengers safe.

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